House Call$250.00
Nail trim$18.00 to $25.00
Ear Cleaning$16.00 – $25.00
Anal Gland Expression$18.00


Laser Neuter$98.00 and up
Laser Spay$110.00 and up
Dental Cleaning$220.00 and up

Cat Vaccinations**

Basic Vaccination, FVRCP$33.00
Feline Leukemia (add on)$28.00
Rabies (add on)$25.00
Rabies only$35.00


Laser Neuter$149.00 and up
Laser Spay$165.00 and up
Dental Cleaning$240.00 and up

Dog Vaccinations**

Basic Vaccination, DA2PPV$37.00
Lyme (add on)$35.00
Bordetella (add on)$23.00
Bordetella only$30.00
Rabies (add on)$25.00
Rabies only$35.00

Cat/Dog Identification

Tattoo w/ surgery$35.00
* Please call for more details for spaying, neutering and dental procedures. Prices for spaying, neutering, and dental cleaning do not include additional fees for examination, surgical anesthetic, sedation monitoring, pain relief and IV fluids during procedure. Additional costs may apply depending on your pet’s condition.
** All basic vaccinations include free physical exam
Please Note: All prices were updated on October 26th, 2020 and are subject to change.